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Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Review || The Heavy: A Mother, A Daughter, A Diet--A Memoir

Review of
The Heavy: A Mother, A Daughter, A Diet--A Memoir
Dara-Lynn Weiss
Date Published: January 1st, 2013
My Rating: 4/5
Quick Backstory: Because this is not a widely-known book, I am going to write a backstory for you. Dara-Lynn Weiss' daughter was seven years old and pronounced obese. From that point, Dara-Lynn knew she had to change things before her daughter's health got worse. This book documents the journey of her family as they all adapted to a new way of life to help her daughter, Bea, overcome her fears and challenges.
My Review:

This book exceeded my expectations. I opened it thinking I would read a depressing story from a defeated mother, and the trials of her obese daughter. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the story of the courage from both Dara-Lynn and her daughter to face the challenges, and the maturity of Bea. This story read more like a fiction novel than a real-life situation. It seems crazy to imagine a seven year old diagnosed with obesity! Reading this book really makes you think, and realize how easy it is to gain weight, no matter what your age. I applaud Dara-Lynn, and I think she did the right thing. I believe I would have done the same.
Now, I gave this book four stars because I disagreed with Mrs. Weiss on one point: her opinion on exercise. She believed it was not necessary for weight loss. Personally, I think weight loss depends largely on exercise. The diet, as well, is important, but without exercise, the heart grows weak and out of shape. Circulation is vastly improved by cardiovascular exercise. Weight-lifting builds muscle, which replaces fat and burns throughout the day. So, on this, our opinions clash.
Other than this, the book was excellent and I found it difficult to put down. Dara-Lynn Weiss should be a model for other moms. Her methods may seem ridiculous to some, or outrageous and cruel, but in my opinion, she did exactly what she should have, and her daughter is probably better off because of it. Well done, Dara-Lynn!!

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